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Critical Analysis #2

My second critical analysis was on the honors group that had Goal #1, eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. This was another note worthy project and it was presented very well. The group only had two people and yet they were able to carry on a 15 minute presentation. Very impressive. They used a border across the top on everyone of their slides and it was a great decision on their part. Some of the other honors presentations were also very dry and some students seemed to have stage fright. This group presented with great poise.

The country this group chose to focus their research on was Somalia. They talked about how this country lacks a central government and natural resources. This creates continuous cycles of low productivity and low investment from outside sources. They chose to work with several organizations and they went through and described them all in detail which was very good. For having to do a 15 minute presentation with only two group members i was overall very impressed. It never got very boring, and both group members spoke very clearly.