February 8, 2008

#1: Energy, flow and transformation through the city

Energy, flow and transformations take place everywhere, at every minute of every day. Nothing can function without energy. Energy can't do anything without flow. And the world would just be boring without transformation. Andy Goldsworthy creates all of his art based on one or all of these three things. I found it facinating how large he allowed his canvas for art to be. He traveled from stone walls, to shoreline, and then back into forests and on to rivers to express his feelings about life as this energy which is a flowing current. I was moved by every piece of his work that was shown, and felt pained inside everytime a work in progress would collapse or be discontinued. In all reality, the points he made about his work in the countrysides of Europe relate entirely to the fast-paced cities of the rest of the world.

Having lived near chicago for most of my life, and now going to the twin cities for college, I can easily relate the ideas of energy, flow and transformation through the city. Energy comes in more forms than can be counted. The human element is probably my favorite form of energy and flow that impacts the city everyday. Walking in downtown chicago on a cold winter day just after thanksgiving produces such a great energy because there are thousands of people walking every which way, and half of them don't even know where they are going. The Macy's window displays attract many individuals, couples and families after thanksgiving and as they circle the building everyone becomes engulfed with the spirit and energy of Christmas. This flows from person to person, and it is hard to find one who is discontent with life at that time. The physical movement of people, as well as the emotional flow of energy both emphasize how the city is impacted by these ideas.

Transformation plays a significant role, but comes around much less frequently. The change of seasons in the chicago brings about such a change that one could never get bored with the great city. During the summer, the cold bite of winter is absent and there is more a of a physical energy flowing all around. People all around you are roller skating, playing sand volleyball, or even carrying a briefcase as they rush to work. The energy and flow of water return with the many fountains and wading pools that exist after freezing temperatures seize. In the summer months, a transformation is even apparent from weekend to weekday. The amount of people increases on weekends and the stresses of work are from important. I often find myself delightfully lost in the riot of people, bands and street entertainers that come out of hibernation.

I don't know what kind of answer was really expected for this blog prompt, but when i heard the idea of energy, flow and transformation through the city i immediatly thought of my many enjoyable experiences in Chicago. People in chicago create such an energy that is so nonexistent away from the city that I couldn't avoid documenting that idea.