Claymation presentation

My partner and I did our presentation on Claymation.

These next few clips were our points and the end video we made. Claymation was easier than I thought it would be. If I were to do it in a class room I would have the class first create animation all together. That way any questions that they would have could be answered in the large group. then I would have them split up into groups. That way they all could stay busy, but not get overwhelmed with all the slow busy work that is involved with making the clay move. I would also have them make a few replacement shapes. I am afraid that they will not take me seriously when I tell them that replacement shapes are needed so I will have them make them before they start animating.

I discovered that the clay is messier than I had originally thought, so I will have some strong hand cleaner for each of the groups.

The claymation

The Power point

I have tried over and over to embed these but I keep running into trouble. These links are the best that I can do with showing these videos.

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