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Claymation Project

The final video

The day by day, play by play

Day 1

This was the first day we met the kids. I was a greeter so my exposure to them was very limited. I took notes on thing that I thought we could change or that were going. I noticed that the tables are not in a good place for the children to see the board. So in the next classes We spread the children out among the rows so it was not so cramped. In your own class room, try to have more say in how the desks are going to be positioned it will make a difference.

Day 2

We presented our idea for the animation and set up groups that would be working on it or the rest of the workshop. During this time we got them working right away on characters. They were really excited about the project and they had a lot of really detailed ideas. I was not sure how we were going to pull them all off. I am going have to find a way to help them to understand the limitations of projects with out discouraging them to use their creativity. If I were to do this again I would Get references for the kids of have enough time for them to pick out the references themselves. But we wasted a lot of time trying to figure out which silhouettes we wanted to use.

Day 3

This was a very successful day. We figured out the backgrounds, and then did a stop motion portion for our video. Bot students worked very hard. There was alot of planning that went into this day. And it went really smoothly. I feel like we have really bonded with the students and they really respect our advise.

Day 4

This day was not so smooth. This day had a lot of planning go into it as well, but I did the first animation portion wrong. I started on the right track but then a forgot a step and both me and my student got very confused and frustrated. So I sent him to work with Shawntelle on iMovie, while I tried to figure out where we went wrong. My ortion of the group did not get very much done in the first half, but he did get to know iMovie and that should hep when we get into the actual animation portion.

Day 5

This was the last day that we got to work with the kids on this project. We went into iMovie and adding sound FX  and other visual effects. We also sped up areas to make it blend better. My student did a lot of good work but he has such a crazy imagination that it is hard to make it all a reality. When they would get bored with one thing we tried to move them onto another thing. This worked pretty well. Some of the thing we would have them work on were hard to understand and as soon as it got to be too much, we would help them learn something else so they would not get overwhelmed. The got to end the day with working in garage band. They really enjoyed that and it was something that they could really take credit for.    



The finished product

After much hard work and a lot of extra hours we were able to finish our Animation.
I feel that we were able to keep the film visually consistent. One of our challenges, was keeping the project in the hands of the students. There were times when it was hard to get them to work at the speed we wanted them to. So it was very easy to just take over and do it for them. But in the end we were able to find a way to keep them focused. We were also able to keep the project in their hands. Later in the blog I will be going into more detail on the process and challenges, but for now I hope you enjoy the film.

The Evil teacher and the Werewolf

werewolves-thumb-450x291-16418.jpgwerewolves-thumb-450x291-16418.jpgOur story was based on the legend of the were wolf.  Our color scheme was cool colors for the background. The background was also very geometric in style. The characters were shadows puppets. Our original plan was that the characters would have design in them to make them each individual. But after we started working with the students we were able to see what they were capable of, and the patterning just became to much for us to do in the amount of time that we were given. We had 2 middle school age students in our group. And we were able to split up the characters between the 2 of them. They were good listeners and were very enthused with the project. I was able to see what children at that age can do when they put there mind to some thing. I also know now what you cannot make a middle schooler understand. There are just some tings that are above their comprehension and trying to make them do it is impossible and mean. 

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