The Evil teacher and the Werewolf

werewolves-thumb-450x291-16418.jpgwerewolves-thumb-450x291-16418.jpgOur story was based on the legend of the were wolf.  Our color scheme was cool colors for the background. The background was also very geometric in style. The characters were shadows puppets. Our original plan was that the characters would have design in them to make them each individual. But after we started working with the students we were able to see what they were capable of, and the patterning just became to much for us to do in the amount of time that we were given. We had 2 middle school age students in our group. And we were able to split up the characters between the 2 of them. They were good listeners and were very enthused with the project. I was able to see what children at that age can do when they put there mind to some thing. I also know now what you cannot make a middle schooler understand. There are just some tings that are above their comprehension and trying to make them do it is impossible and mean. 

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