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Creature throughts

The final Animation is already up but I thought it would be good to have the original deign up as well.

I really like flying things so I want to somehow make my creature fly. I was satisfied with how he turned out but I wish that I could find a way to make everything work better together. I don't think that my images flow like they should. I think if I go further with the project I will try and make the different animals a similar color or find some way to make a similar texture through out the whole piece.

When I am teaching I will encourage the students to keep this in mind. Just because you can paste the animal together doesn't mean that it will look like it goes together. Something that could fix this is starting with a black and white image and then add colors. This is just a thought for further reference, I don't know if it would actually work.


creature video

This is the first animation that I made for this class, and the first animation i have ever made. The challenges that I had was the timing of the animation. I really enjoyed working on this and I like it really has made me think out side the box when it comes to what i can do in photoshop. This animation was mixture of a bird, bison, butterfly, and owl. I wanted it to have the feel that it was coming at you, and once it gets closer, I wanted the viewer to feeling like it was going to jump out at them.

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