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Once upon a time in Africa

This summer I went to Africa. And there are some things that I learned that I thought might be interesting to share.


For Art Education majors: There have been a few sources that have told us that some schools will not take teachers that did their student teaching in other countries. I now know why that is. When we start student teaching(I assume) we will be teaching with a teacher but also learning from their teaching styls. If you were to do your student teaching Africa, you would not have a teacher to guide you. There is a strong chance that if you showed up at a school asking to student teach, the teacher would give you full control of the class and never show up again. We start off with a better understanding of teaching as a high school graduate than a lot of these teachers do after years of teaching. So that is just something to keep in mind when you are choosing where you want to student teach.



Also the children that  was around were from rural areas, and their exposure to things were very limited. They would see 3 main colors(which are expressed in the photo). These colors were blue(sky), Green(trees), orange(everything else).

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I notice that these were also their favorite colors. I would lay out a number of colors and the color I always ran out of first was orange. The second place color was blue. But I started to wander if this would change as their surroundings started to change. In just the 2 months I was there, they got a new road, restaurant, and new cell phone towers. And in the last 8 years they have gotten cell phones, cars, internet, wooden houses(they had never seen one before), and stores. Imagine going from the colonies in Jamestown to Modern times in under a decade. I cant imagine what kind of effect this is having on their creative thinking, not to mention their other academics.

This picture is of a typical government school class room. Notice how bare it is.

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Each of these students will have to pass an exam in order to get into high school. 30 to 40 percent of them will pass. A passing grade on this exam is 30% or more.

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I am going to conclude this entry for today but if you have any other questions please ask.



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