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Digital Animation

I have joined the UMD Games and Animation Group (GAG). (They are looking for a new name so that might change)

We have been working together to create an animation. This has been a great experience because each of us in the group has to ta take on a different job in order for this to get finished. Right now the animation that we are working on is a Digital animation, that has been story boarded and been put into an animatic.

My job is to illustrate the backgrounds and the characters so that the can be easily put into the video. We are using a program called Tuneboom, which is a fairly inexpensive program that acts as a light table that you can create you animation from. Because I am learning as I go I don't have much more information I can give you about it.

In future posts I will have examples of the illustrations as well as the Animatic.

Animation Software

You may may be thinking: How can I teach animation when I cant afford the the soft ware? Well there are free software options for animation out there. The link below is one of the Sites you can use to download free animation tools.

Anasazi stop motion animator

Story Boarding

Here is a Small video about story boarding.

To begin

There are steps to animation that you want to follow for your film to stay organized.
(I am personally love lists so by laying out the order of business it always me to organize my thoughts.)
Some steps to planning Animation
1. Story
2. Characters
3. Sound
4. Music
5. Direction
6. Layout
7. Animation
8. Background and color


These are the books that I have been looking at as I discover them.

Laybourne, Kit. The Animation Book. 1st Edition. New York, New York: Three River Press, 1998. Print.

Thomas, Bob. The Art of Animation. 1st Edition. New York, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1958. Print.

Grush, Byron. The Shoestring Animator. 1st Edition. Chicogo, Illinois: Contemporary Books, 1981. Print.

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