Preparing for an animation activity.

To see how students would react to an animation project I set up a walk through cooperative animation station. The lesson below is a really quick guideline I made for myself so I could keep everything organized the day of. I also may have helpers that could come in and having a game plan would keep us on the same page.

Animation station

Age: All ages

Time: 2 hours

Focus: The participant's will be trickling in and working on a small animation project. This will be a small collaborative project.


Motivational recourses

Art Materials:
- Camera
- Camera Stand
- Background
- Trees and other props for background
- Table for stage
- Clay
- Main character (doll)
- Clay
- Random pieces of toys to add to the clay
- Tape

Animation plot:
- The stage is set out side. There will be a cloud back drop and a green ground, with trees in and other things scattered in the background. There will be a lonely ball of clay in the center of the stage.
- The main character will walk on stage and look at the ball and decide that he wants to make a friend out of it.
- The participants will each take turns moving the character around and building a new creature out of the clay and other pieces of toys
- After the creature has been built you will have to decide with the participants whether they want the creature to be friends with the man, attack him, chase him off stage, eat him, give him a ride, or run away.
- Give them the blog address so they can see it later when its finished.

Instruction procedure:
1. The people will be coming through the activity at different times. So you should be able to bring them up to speed quickly and let them participate in the animation.
2. Introduce something that will act as filler for those who are waiting to do the stop motion.
3. They can choose whether they want to make the main character move, or bring in their own character to help build the creature.
4. once the creature has been built they will get to choose how it should react to its creature (the main character).

When I was getting everything ready there were a few things that I had to make sure were working.
- I had to be sure the camera was not on a high resolution, that would make the video take up way to much space on my computer, and I would run out of memory card space during the activity.
- I also had to make sure I understood the camera, so I knew whether or not I would have to change the focus during the animation shoot.
***Charge your Batteries!!!!*** You do not want to have them run out during your lesson.
- Set up the stage and take few pictures so you know it is big enough.

(In a classroom these may be thing you will teach your students to do them selves. These are important elements of the animation process and they should know how to do it on their own, however since this experiment was for anyone, and a walk through activity, I handled the logistics.)

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