Sand Animation Lesson plan

Sarah Wiesner
Lesson for animation station

Sand Animation

Topic: Huichol yarn and sand

Ages: Middle and high School Focus

- Sand
- Light table
- Plastic clear sheets
- Camera
- Tripod
- Tools to move the sand
- Paper towel
- Tape

Plot line:
The students will be looking at the pictures in the activities gallery and creating a performance animation that tells a portion of the story that each picture is depicting. The students can be given the choice of doing a stop motion sand animation as well , but keep in mind this process will take longer. If there are a lot People waiting to go do
- Performance animation is where the action of the sand being moved is filmed instead of taken pictures of frame by frame. The student's hands creating the image are part of the animation.


The Huichol indigenous people are from central America. They are referred to in the larger world as the Huichol, but they refer to themselves as the Wixaritari (the people). They are well known for their beautifully colored crafts. The type of art that we will be focused on it this animation is their Yarn painting. Yarn painting is not just a thing of the past. It is till alive today as you can see on the walls of the tweed.
The Huichol people created these yarn panting to tell stories of their history or, myths, or as a way to communicate.

1. As the participants come in you will give them a small introduction of what they will be doing and who the Huichol people are.
a. They will be creating their own performance sand animation in response to one of the yarn paintings from the Huichol Culture on the wall.
b. In between each participant turn off the camera, so all that it seen is the performance and not the set up between people.
2. First: They will each get a note card were they will have to plan out what they are going to do. They will have to make a little mock drawing of the Yarn painting and they will have to write a little plan for how they will illustrate the story that is depicted.
3. Second: They will choose the colors they will be using. I have 2 sheets of plastic so when one is being used the other one can be cleaned and prepped for the next person to use.
4. Third: They will start by pouring the sand on the plastic, they may use 2 colors if they blend well together.
5. Fourth: They will then begin to move the sand around to make their image and tell their story. When they are finished they will remove the plastic and be responsible for cleaning it, so the next person can use it.
6. Fifth: One they are finished cleaning the sand they are free to leave or participate in another animation if there is time.

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