An animators discouragment

Today was a very ineffective day. Sometimes it happens, where no matter what you try you can never get ahead of the game.

I worked for, what seemed like an eternity, on a Sand Animation project that can't be finished in iMovie because of its limitations. If you ever want to try to speed up a clip in iMovie, save yourself the time and agony, and don't try it. Turns out speeding up anything in Imovie is not an option. If you are putting together a montage or arranging pictures for a wedding iMovie is fantastic, if you are trying to animate, the program will make you want too shoot yourself in the foot. If any one else feels frustrated with iMovie, I understand where you are coming from. My computer did not come with iMovie HD, and downloading the program has failed for me every time.

The up side of this experience is, I know exactly what that program is capable of. I have searched it up down and side ways and if it has a feature that is nifty I know about it. I could make a fabulous photo slide show set to music... it would make onlookers cry. I also found that if you are not adding anything fancy other than music to your animations, then the program is fine to work with.

I really wanted to make this research about working with what you have. I worked with what I had, and now I know what I need in order to do certain things with animation. Every program has its limitations.

But a glimmer of hope lies in the distance. There is an Apple repair store in the area, so I will looking for ways to fix the ailments that may be plaguing my computer.

I will be making a blog entry of what is suggested for unruly computers that are not excepting programs, then if we ever have this problem again, we might know what to do.

So wish me better luck next time.

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