Animation with a camera phone

While I have been wandering around the internet I found some articles about people who have been animating with Camera phones. In a world where phones mean more to students than personal high-gene, parents, or food, I fell like this is a sure fire way to get your students fired up about animation. One of the best examples I could find, is said to also be the worlds smallest animation. If you ask me I think these guys are just over achievers at this point. Not only did they decide to make an animation with a camera phone, but they made it the smallest stop motion they could. The animation is called Dot, its a 90 second film of the adventures of a little girl who is .35 inches tall. The film was aided by a phone Microscope that was invented by bioengineer Daniel Fletcher. The original purpose of the microscope was to be used by doctors in poor and rural areas. They could take pictures of blood and tissue samples with the "Cellscope", and send them via cell phone to laboratories anywhere in the world. The phone that was used was a Nokia N8. Now don't everybody run out and buy a Nokia. I am not here to sell a phone. I am curious to see if something like this would work with any camera phone. The creators of this little adventure were the same people who Brought you Wallace and Gromit, so needless to say these guys knew what they were doing. I have decided to give this endeavor a try. I will be blogging as a go.

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