Apple fix it center Adventure

As I wrote earlier, I was having trouble with my computer and its ability to download animation programs. So I decided to go to the local Apple fix it store. And learned a valuable lesson today. - If you have a problem with your computer and you have access to a computer assistance store, GET THEIR HELP!!!-

I went to the store and sat down with one of the tech guys, and it turns out he is a film major. So we started talking to me about the quirks and tricks of macs and iMovie. If you want the easy solution to all your problems, just get final cut and don't mess with iMovie. However we live in a world where we can't just drop $200 on a software program.

My computer is now to the point where it does not have enough ram or a brave enough operating system to handle a lot of the animation programs online. But if I wanted to downgrade to iMovie HD, I found a way that can happen.

If you have iMovie 8 or any of the newer iMovie programs, and you have tried to downgrade you may have come into trouble. The reason for this is because your computer sees the newer version and thinks "oh they already have the newer version I'm not going to download this old thing." So if you want to download iMovie HD, you will first need to uninstall your newer version of iMovie.

If you have a newer computer then Wikipedia "free animation editor" and it will give you a list of free downloads that you can work with.

I already have a few project started in iMovie so I have to finish those before I can uninstall. VERY IMPORTANT: Your movies in iMovie with not downgrade. If you try to open and work on your project in an older version of iMovie, it will not work.

This is only half of the information I was able to get from talking with the tech. So its amazing what you can learn from sitting down for a few hours with someone who knows how to work a computer.

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