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As you may have noticed lately I have been focusing on the software of animation. Unfortunately it has been a slow and unhappy process. I am a very hands-on person. So you put me behind a camera or let me play with claymation and i am all over that. But if you ask me to work on a computer and get everything to align and work together and you have put me in a whole new battle.

I have been pending the last week battling with different animation programs as well as movie editing programs, and have found myself running into walls. There comes a point when you have to stop trying to figure something out yourself and just hand it over to someone else to do it.

I decided to work on something else for a change. I have been working with another teacher who has experimented with Animation in his class. He was able to find all sorts of different animation software online that was free and pretty user friendly. The two that I thought were the most interesting had pre-made Characters.

At first I thought what is the point of teaching students animation if they do not draw and design their own characters. But as I have been teaching Middle school, I realized that creating characters is a skill set that may be way over their heads. With these programs would allow the students to play with the movement of characters they choose, and they add words and sound to it. The

This program is another Download. You can create your own characters, but you have the option of using the ones that they provide for you in the program. The characters have a bone structure on them that you can maneuver the limbs in any direction you want them in. As far as how you control the characters you design, I am still looking into that.

This is a program that you have to log into online. If you have ever seen a Gieko commercial where they brag about asking a terrible animated commercial in under 15 minutes, well I am pretty sure those commercials were made on this program.

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