Working with Middle school

So far working with middle schoolers has been an interesting event. I remember hearing someone once say you have to always make it seem like it was their idea. Well there could not be any more truth to that statement.

I decided to introduce the concept of animation to the students. And as I presumed, about half the class was jazzed and the other half were thinking "please don't make me work." And that when I started wondering why is it that elementary students are very excited to participate in an animation, high schoolers are even more excited, but with middle schoolers the idea fizzles. I mean, you can not find anything more relevant to a 6-8th grade student. 90% of them do nothing but watch cartoons all day.

That's when I tarted thinking about ways to make it seem like their idea. Having students collaborate in groups at this age for and animation project is out of the question. You will have a class of miserable students, and then nothing will get done.

I decided if I am going to teach animation to my students I decided there are certain things I would teach to each age group.
Elementary school- Every thing has to be very well organized. You have to have a definite plan that will make the project about experiencing the materials. Have them all work together to create the plot. Maybe have a discussion about how
High School- With high school I would give them a lesson about several different animation styles, but then have them create an animation that has boundaries. Don't mistake boundaries for control. These standards are meant to make the students think critically and creatively to complete a problem.
Middle School- Middle schoolers on the other hand are a different story. I would give them a lesson of the different kinds of animation and how they are done on the most basic level and then have them all choose their own kind of animation. As a class they would decider they would want to combine all their animations into one or if they would want to keep them all separate.

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