The teacher that I have been working with lately were discussing alternative forms of animation the other day and our attention was caught by a computer set up we had in the room.

As you can see from the pictures the computer is in a small cubby in the classroom. But we found if you turn it side ways, you can create a perfect little animation studio. This a very basic animation set up. You have your choice of one angle, and the lighting would either be limited or you would have to provide more with a lamp(which I would highly suggest.)


How you would want to use it:
In order for you to be able to see the base you need to build up a platform and/or tilt the computer. Another use for the studio would be to do a paper cutting animation and just tape it to the side wall.

These few pictures show what the view from the camera would be. I did not do any examples of paper cut animation but I think it would have a very cool effect

Photo 4.jpgPhoto 1.jpg

Talk about super easy to set up and take down. The area is so small that the students wont have a problem getting the same angle and light every time they have to set up the area. Not to mention they love photo booth. I swear photo booth is better than a surveillance camera. they see it, and even if they stole something they would probably pose for the camera before they left the room with it. So its a program you know they cant say the don't know how to use. hahaha

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