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The teacher that I have been working with lately were discussing alternative forms of animation the other day and our attention was caught by a computer set up we had in the room.

As you can see from the pictures the computer is in a small cubby in the classroom. But we found if you turn it side ways, you can create a perfect little animation studio. This a very basic animation set up. You have your choice of one angle, and the lighting would either be limited or you would have to provide more with a lamp(which I would highly suggest.)


How you would want to use it:
In order for you to be able to see the base you need to build up a platform and/or tilt the computer. Another use for the studio would be to do a paper cutting animation and just tape it to the side wall.

These few pictures show what the view from the camera would be. I did not do any examples of paper cut animation but I think it would have a very cool effect

Photo 4.jpgPhoto 1.jpg

Talk about super easy to set up and take down. The area is so small that the students wont have a problem getting the same angle and light every time they have to set up the area. Not to mention they love photo booth. I swear photo booth is better than a surveillance camera. they see it, and even if they stole something they would probably pose for the camera before they left the room with it. So its a program you know they cant say the don't know how to use. hahaha

The chalk animation

During the first semester I was able to do an animation station at UMD. I only had one person show up however that was enough to create a small animation project. Chalk animation seemed to be one of the harder animations for me to work with and accomplish. This is also the shortest animation that I have made since I have been working in animation. The fact that all the shorts had to be drawn individually was a challenge. And another change was making each character the same size as we moved long. The character kind of morphed as the animation went along, so we just went with it and kept changing it. For this animation we did not really focus on a plot we just focused on the movement of tha chalk creatures.

My blog was looking boring

I have been writing a lot but nothing is too pretty so I decided we needed a change in scenery. I have been scanning the web for thing I thought were interesting or just plain pretty so here are a re few of my favorite over the past few days.

Favorite Quote:

There is no particular mystery in animation...It really very simple, and like anything that is simple, it is about the hardest thing in the world to do.
- Bill Tytla Walt Disney studio June 1937

I love this animation. I found it while looking through an animators blog. And one of the things that grabbed by attention was the movement and the way it was illustrated. I also loved that there were guide lines still left in the animation as well. I feel like if a student were to look at this they could be inspired by the unique quality of the each drawing.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

This is the back story of how this animation came to be.

Thought of You - Behind the Scenes Preview - ROUGH CUT from Cambell Christensen on Vimeo.

Character designs

Character design is super important and it is something I have over looked. When you are making your animation you cant doubt what your character is going to look like in the next scene.

I found these designs through a website that just posted a variety of different characters that artists had made. Some of them are complicated others are very simple and would be easy to work with. I found these to be interesting and they got me thinking about my own creatures in my work. Something very simple can have a lot of emotion and personality if it is drawn right.








This is my first animation that I have been able to get done from the animation station. I want to do a lot more with it, however for now I just want to get it on the blog so you can see how great the students did. Working in iMovieHD has proven to be a complicated experience.

This was an interesting project to work on. I learned so much about animation just from having to put this one together. It is a little rough, but it was a good first try.

I realized how important it is when you are teaching that you actually have to do. Experience it first so you know exactly what expect for your students.

Animation links

This is an example of a teacher that used Claymation in her classroom. It does not give great detail about how she did what she did, however it does discuss how it was beneficial to her students.

I discovered this site through a blog another teacher posted onto after he used animation in his classroom. It is a data base of sound effects that you can download onto your computer. If you do not have access to garage band this may be a great place to get a hold of some sound effects.

I thought this website was interesting. It uses animation and games to engage the students. It also has a few lessons of how they suggest using animation in the classroom.

The making and final product of NO CORRAS TANTO

Stop Motion sand animation

Sand Animation

Puppet Animation

Puppet Animation