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A tribute to my fellow animation bloggers.

- This is a great website for animation examples. Jess Morris is a working animator and she has a ton of animation links on her blog. She also talks a lot about the animations that she is working on.

- This Blog has every and anything to do with animation with out a hundred animation examples of every kind you could be looking for. It also gives great examples of storyboards and sketches.

- Animation tips and tricks acts as a Q&A blog. People ask the blogger questions and then professional animators help them find answers.

- This blog has great examples of international animations. My personal favorite is Margarita.

- The animation archive is pretty much an animation and drawing book copied on to the blog. There are also other books with techniques represented as well.

- Great resource for tutorials. Whether you are creating your animation or trying to teach your students an easy way to draw something in photoshop, this blog is packed with fun tutorials.

- I wanted to show an illustration blog as well. When I started animating I was having trouble coming up with stories that would be interesting. As soon as I started reading fairy tales and children's books I was able to get the inspiration I needed to create stories with an interesting plot.

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