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Shitty first draft

I think the article was pretty good. It was easy written and therefore well to read, without complicated sentences or long passages about something no one really needs to know. Even tough in my opinion her example and how she used to write the food reviews was a little bit long but gave a good insight in how it can look practically, at the same time.
The author really had a point and therefore it had a positive effect on me. When I read it for the first time I just thought that it's propably true for some people but because I was so used to writting papers without a "shitty first draft" I was convinced that it doesn't apply to me at all. But writing the Art Description paper really showed me something different as well as her telling us that even the best writers write them. That was almost like a revelation to me. Don't we all think that all those amazing authors just sit down and start writing a book because it just seems to be in them?
But it is good to know that they don't and nobody does.
Like Anne Lamott mentions in her article, everybody writes shitty first drafts, no matter how experienced they are and it will always be like that. We just need to except that the first one is just going to be something that no one else is going to see except for us. That really encouraged me. Even though I think it's going to take a while until I'm really going to except my first draft of a paper as what it is, "the child's draft".
Keeping that in mind while writing the Art Desription Paper did not really make it easier for me yet and especially the fact that someone is going to read over it and is actually going to share his opinion on it, is pretty hard for me.
But keeping in mind that we are still learning and that we don't need to be perfect yet, is maybe a good way of looking at it and therefore i'm excited to see how this whole process is going to effect my writing in the long run.


I can relate to you when you say that you "write papers w/out a shitty first draft". I didn't really write first drafts at all unless it was required for a class, mainly because I think that it is a waste of paper.
Having someone else look at your work is tough, but it must be done.

Very nice point of view! Respect!


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