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Ways of Seeing

I found the article to be very interesting. Even though the examples were not always well to understand and in my opinion therfore not the best choice.
The structure on the other hand as well as the choice of topics and arguments lead to a good flow in reading and made it fun to read.
For me the aspect of art being a product of culture and the change of art affected by the invention of the camera was very interesting. The consequences of reproduction was another very interesting point for me to read about. Even though it sometines seems that the point of art becoming a mass product is overused but still interesting to think about. Especially because Berger was talking about the advantages of this progress and not only about the disadvantages. In my opinion it is important to be aware of the things. It gives one the chance to understand the world better and to realize what is going on. We don't just become blind consumers but are actually aware of the procedures one is using for this purpose.
I think being aware of these things gives one the possibility to start looking at art with a different perspective which can make it even more interesting because that background knowledge can open a totally different view.


Hi Kira -

I really like the idea you bring up here, that a deeper awareness of how things (like technology) progress and are developed can affect the way we see. The more history one knows about a place or a person always dramatically effects the level one can comment on and participate in understanding that place or person.

The way that mass-produced art can have an effect on our culture is very important, and im glad that you touched on them. It makes one think what would happen if we never did. How would it change our culture? Would we still be where we are today? Who knows? I do know that our culture has improved because of it, since it has allowed us to reflect and learn from it. Great blog.

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