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Class and Virtue

I disagree with the site that Michael Parenti takes in his article 'Class and virtue'. In my opinion working people are not only presented as less desirable and less moral than other people.
Most TV shows and movies show succesful people as happy and desirable people. It seems like most people even want to fit into that group because they seem to not have much to worry about.
That can turn into a big problem when viewers get affected by what they see on tv. They start to think that this is a lifestyle they should long for and therefore forget about other things that are important.

On the other hand Parenti article has also a true side. Some movies and tv shows do show wealthy people as less desirable and less moral. Just like Mr. Burns in "The Simpsons". The only thing that he cares about is his money, his factory and therefor his succes. He does not care about the people around him and seems to not even notice them at all.
Another example would be the movie "Dirty Dancing", where the girl, who comes from a rich family, falls for the not so wealthy guy. Her parents make a big deal out of it and try to keep her from being with him.

I guess viewers can be affected both ways and it also always depends on where they come from. If they either have a more wealthy background or not. But once again, it is not just black and white. Even though there might be some less desirable rich people out there but probably also less desirable poor people. We shouldn't base our opinion by what we see on tv but by what we experience every day.


Nice :). You do a wery big step. small step from a human but big for a world:D