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March 27, 2007

In Living Color

The discussion in class was very interesting even though the article was not, at least not for me. It seemed a little old but still had some good points that even seem to fit nowadays.
For our group it was pretty hard to come up with some good examples but that is probably because we are not really aware of those racial thoughts. They are present every day and that is exactly what makes it so hard to think of them because it just appears as being normal.
I went to a benefit show for a friend of mine and we had several artist performing. One of them was a HipHop group and since I'm taking a class about that topic, this type of music becomes more and more interesting to me. I was sitting between a bunch of people and listening to those artists performing. They were really good and I was enjoying their show. But nevertheless, I felt kind of akward tapping to the beat and smiling at some parts of their lyrics. Most of the people in the crowd were white and therfore acting more reserved but the couple of black people were really enjoying it.
That appeared to be totally natural. As I was talking about HipHop to a friend afterwards, she mentioned that she does like it but sometimes simply feels like she is too white in order to really be able to listen and to enjoy it.
I was able to relate to her statement and thought about it some more. It is kind of sad that some things seem to be reserved for a special group and in this case a specific race. I'm wondering if it is possible to overcome this and if so, how long it might take and what steps one has to take.

March 8, 2007

People Like Us

In my opinion that was a pretty interesting documentary. Probably also because I was not really familiar with the whole class thing and how big it is in this country.
But from all what has been said, I truly believe that it is really hard to change the social class and more likely to stay in the one you were born in.
Tammy's son, Matt, has pretty high goals and even though he really wants to change his class and become a lawyer, his chances are not the best. How is one supposed to know how to behave in a different sorrounding if is never going to get the opportunity. I think that it is possible to learn but just like living in a different culture, it is a long process and one has to give up parts of their old life which can be really hard sometimes.
Looking at the popular people at high school makes me wonder if that is really something that is worth achieving. They think that they are something better and do not even care about others but furthermore do not even want to have anything to do with them!
They judge people outside their class by what they look like, how they walk and talk. In my opinion that is really sad and ignorant but moreover nothing that we should try to achieve! We shouldn't judge others based on outer appearance and class but take time to get to know eachother and overcome prejudices and stereotypes.