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April 24, 2007

I'm from the city

The suburbs are full of old people and families who have lots of money and live in big houses. There is nothing to do except for maybe hanging out at the mall, going to the movies or a friends house. Everybody knows eachother and it's not even possible to cross the street without saying "Hi" to one of the people that lives around you.
Everybody cares a lot about what house they live in and what car they drive. It is always very peacful and looks perfect. But really it is not. It is not real and seems to keep people and in a little artificial bubble. Away from the "bad city".

For me it is really hard to write about american suburbs because I haven't had so much experience with them. I've lived in both, the city and "the suburbs" in Germany. But I have to say that I like the city better. Especially at my age. Mostly everything is in biking distance and there is lots to do.
I bet it is great for families with younger children, to have a house outside of the cities. Because they can just go out and play without the parents having to worry about big streets or scary neighbours that they don't really know.
But in my opinion you can raise kids just as good in the city. It just depends what you make out of it. As long as you take your children out every once in a while and have a good relationship to your neighbours. And I actually have to admit that my connection to my neighbours is better in the city than it was in the suburb.
But all together it is really something everybody has to decide for themselves but not without being aware of the totally different living situation and their consequences,

April 11, 2007

Advertising and people of color

The article was really interesting and it was good to find out more about the history of “colored people? in advertisements.
I think it was pretty shocking how people from different ethnic groups were portrayed back in the days and I can totally understand that it is intimidating. The influence media has on the way people think about others is something that most people are not really aware of. Unfortunately the people who produce the advertisements are though and that is exactly the point that makes it so dangerous. But I think it is easy to overreact, too.
Even though I don’t really know what advertisements look like nowadays but I’m pretty sure that the same ethnic groups are still playing a big part in it, even though they might represent different stereotypes and deal with different topics. Or it might not be that obvious anymore because the producers found a different way to show different ethnic groups with “typical? stereotypical behavior.
The question that stays is, can we do something about it? How big is the influence of the advertisements on our behavior and would it really change our thinking?

April 3, 2007

Construction of the female self

In my opinion this article was way over the top. Even though the structure of the article itself might be good, the arguments on the other hand are just completely exaggerated.
I think it was important to think about what age group those movies are made for and if they really understand what is going on. In my opinion they don't and even though children might be watching those movies over and over again, it doesn't influence them that much so that they as a result define themselves through what they see in those kind of movies.
I think the people that one is sorrounded by, and therefore especially the parents, play a way bigger role in this. Those are the ones who are really role models on how to behave and how to treat eachother. Of course it is a problem when the tv becomes the babysitter and the children spend more time watching movies than actually interacting. But that is a completely different problem.
The question remains if movies are made to teach us something or to entertain us. I think that it can be both but at least for that age group and in this category of movies, Disney movies, it should be more about entertainment than about manipulation and on trying to show how females should behave.