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May 1, 2007


I normally spend time at Coffman at least once a week. But now that it's getting warmer outside I often choose the outside area instead. But nevertheless I'm quite familiar with Coffman and I realized that I never really paid attention to the sorroundings or the people who spend time there.
I looked at the upstairs area, where I normally spend my time between classes. It was really obvious that most students were busy doing something and most of them had either a laptop or a book and seemed to study for classes. Only a few were actually having conversations with eachother and if they were, they deffinitly knew that person they were talking to.
I expected the place to be more crowded but surprisingly a lot of seats were open and the whole situation was rather relaxed than busy.
Students that were walking around always seemed to be in a hurry getting somewhere and didn't really take much time to pass trough that area. I think it was very interesting to realize, that it's definitly not a place to get to know people. Everybody seems to be so busy with what they are doing in that moment, that they don't seem to have time to talk to the person who is sitting down right next to them. Unless they know eachother.
For me Coffman fullfills the purpose of having a place to sit down and study but altogether it is a pretty cold environment.
Most of the people are students which is easy to tell by their belongings (backpack, books, laptops) and also their style of clothing and age. They seem to have a certain respect for eachother, leave others alone and are generally quiet.