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It's interesting to note how different reporters write different leads for the same story.

In my blog post about the Oscar nominations the Huffington Post lead their story with, "The 2012 Oscar nominees were announced on Tuesday morning, and while the front runners all got their nods, there a number of surprises and snubs, as well." But the New York Daily News reported, "The movie awards season is almost over, but save your strength for one more big event, on Feb. 26 -- the Oscars, after all, are like Santa and his reindeer in this whole parade." The Post decided to focus more on the movies that were "snubbed," the Daily News concentrated more on the event itself.
The Post's lead is also more of a straightforward approach and the Daily News took a more editorial feel. If I had to guess why I would say because the Oscars are more of an A&E story and less of a hard-news piece. They chose to use a more entertaining attitude because that's how they go about it for the rest of the article. Most young people might like the Daily News approach better because that's how we receive most of our news but it's still nice to have a more formal approach if someone is looking for just the facts.

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