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Stepping away from the formality of the news blog, can I just point out how perfect this worked out to have the speeches/meeting analysis the same week as the State of the University speech? Perfect planning.

The Minnesota Daily reporter chose to focus primarily on the year-round academic calendar portion of the speech because that is what will affect (and interest) their readers the most. I heard many students talking about the proposed calendar this week and there are mixed reviews. However, no matter how people feel about the plan, I'm glad that it got people talking and interested in the politics that go on at the University. The reporter also got opinions from other people around campus which added to the story because it included audience reaction.

The Star Tribune article also primarily focused on the proposed calendar change but included other elements as well. Kaler also discussed "ineffective academic centers," previewed the budget for fiscal year 2013 that he will present to the U's Board of Regents in May and announced a new "entrepreneurial leave." Star Tribune readers are more likely to be interested in more than an academic calendar change. While that was still the bulk of the article, the Star Tribune brought up other key points as well to keep readers informed.

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