Diversity analysis

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My friend Amanda is part Vietnamese so together we looked at the article "Students support Vietnamese detainees." She's a sophomore at the University and has lived in the United States her entire life. Her mom is Vietnamese and has family living in Vietnam.

The article doesn't involve much about the actual topic of race but instead focuses mostly on the petition for human rights and how students here at the University of Minnesota are involved.

Amanda pointed out that the article did say that many students feel great responsibility to bring awareness to the issue because of family members living in Vietnam, but does little to go into anything more personal than that. There are a few people talking about how that affects them and a statistic about how people of Vietnamese descent make up the second-largest Asian group in Minnesota.

Overall, Amanda said she liked the quotes used and how the reporter spoke with students with family in Vietnam to get personal perspectives and thought they did a good job simply overviewing the issue. The article wasn't meant to go into a deep background of the Vietnamese culture but she likes how it ends on a personal note.

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