Mayor Rybak plans for north Minneapolis

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A shooting this week in north Minneapolis is part of a citywide uptick in violent crime. Police say young gang members are driving some of the violence, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Minneapolis police are investigating the shooting death of Jody Patzner Jr., 22, who was killed earlier this week on the city's north side.

Mayor R.T. Rybak made it a point to mention the jump in violent crime in his State of the City address Wednesday. He called the shooting of Patzner a "horrible incident," and said the city cannot become complacent when it comes to fighting crime.

Using the Capri Theater in north Minneapolis as his backdrop, Rybak called for improvements in public safety, housing, jobs, transit and opportunities for young people in the north Minneapolis neighborhoods, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Rybak said that if north Minneapolis grows, the entire region will benefit.

"This city of compassion is what it is today because we believe we are all in this together," Rybak said. "And if one neighbor, or one neighborhood, is challenged, we all step up to level the playing field."

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