Week 10

Current definition: Independent, open minded, excepting of individualism, and can maintain positive outlook, while being energizing, dependable, strong, and creative.

I feel like my definition is slightly changing after this week's reading. Kidder ties ethics into our leadership practice. Then he talks about how we are faced with many temptations and it is up us as leaders to make the right choice. Therefore while a leader needs to be Independent, open minded, excepting of individualism, and can maintain positive outlook, while being energizing, dependable, strong, and creative. A leader also needs to be honesty, because that builds a strong relationship with your stakeholders.

Week 9

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•Current definition of a leader- Independent, open minded, excepting of individualism, and can maintain positive outlook, while being energizing, dependable, strong, and creative .
•How the reading changed my definition is: This week the reading I feel did not change my fundamental definition of a leader, but enhanced it. Week talk a lot about conflicts and the different additives that can arise in conflict and how to deal with conflict.
•Weeks article still makes me feel that my fundamental definition of a leader should still consist of an Independent, open minded, excepting of individualism, and can maintain positive outlook, while being energizing, dependable, strong, and creative .I feel that to deal with conflict you need to be open mind and excepting of individualism and Weeks articles talks gives a lot of insist on the ingredients of why conflict exists and how a good leader can deal approach it (Week 1992).

Week 8

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The articles this week portrayed a different view of leadership by incorporating racism and the various ways it is prevalent.

Within leaderships we include our owe views and morals into the way we lead. During the readings this week the author Tatum brings up "we teach what we were taught". I agree with her, that a lot of the leadership styles are connected to what people were taught throughout life. This can impact the leader's relationships that they attempt to make within their leadership role, because not everyone is custom to every angle in what you were taught throughout life. Tatum also talks about how she does not connect one race to a color and describes everyone as "People of Color". I think that if leaders didn't distinguish between colors classification and view everyone as a "Person of Color", there would be less segregation within various leadership styles.

I believe that the reading by Tatum this week connected to my vision of a leadership by establishing that a leader needs to be open minded and excepting of diversity in their leadership practices.

week 7

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*This week the readings talked about how leadership can be impacted by working within a group. Also, the authors talked about how within a group, members can influence one another, by creating a more stronger and diverse leader.
* I believed that the readings impacted my new definition of leadership by strongly relating leadership to the importance of group interaction amongst leading. Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy talk about the stages that groups go through to build strong relationships with their leaders. These stages are forming, storming, norming, and performing. These stages build group leaders that are cohesive and productive (Hughes, Ginnett, Curphy, pg 292).

Week 6

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Leadership is not just a one person role. Leaders need to be open- minded and allow more interaction between roles of teams! To grasp a stronger relationship we need to be able to reflect upon our understandings of the world and people's opinion . This is will allow us to grow and learn from others.

Week 5

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The big thing I took from the readings this week is that leadership is a process and rather than a position. Also leadership needs to include a positive outlook to insure a positive outcome. Ultimately, using positivity and honesty will enhance a stronger result when leading. People will respect and trust you as a leader and ultimately that is the strongest quality that people look for to help them grow and learn for future endeavors.

The real week 4

This week when reading the articles I gained that leadership has two different visions and you have to know the difference to be able to be a strong leader. Personal vision is the impact your surroundings make and leadership vision is your goal and views of what a leader is. Another part of the article this week that made me realize another important part of being a leader is creating that energizing vision for others to learn from. Lastly, I learned that a leader needs to have a role model that they can turn to and use as a resource to help guide in their growing leadership skills.

week 4

This week in the readings the articles allowed me look through a looking glass at how a leaders values play a big role in how a leader leads. Also a great point that was made about values from the article "Based your leadership values on personal value" is" personal and leadership visions, your values; they should drive your major decisions. "Walk your talk"!!

Week 2

The readings this week gave a new prospective to how a leader is formed. There are many angles one can take when being place in a leader role. However, to be a true leader, a leader must know themselves and know what they believe to be able to lead other in a positive direction.
Lastly, in the article "leadership that gets results" the author outlines the different kinds of a leader a person can choose to be. This allows people to a just to the various forms of leaders and helps grasp a more positive result when leading a group.

Leadership week 1

A leader to me is someone that is independently, open minded, and excepting of individualism. Being able to incorporate this within leadership skills creates someone that is strong and reliable to help lead a group.

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