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Week 5

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The big thing I took from the readings this week is that leadership is a process and rather than a position. Also leadership needs to include a positive outlook to insure a positive outcome. Ultimately, using positivity and honesty will enhance a stronger result when leading. People will respect and trust you as a leader and ultimately that is the strongest quality that people look for to help them grow and learn for future endeavors.

The real week 4

This week when reading the articles I gained that leadership has two different visions and you have to know the difference to be able to be a strong leader. Personal vision is the impact your surroundings make and leadership vision is your goal and views of what a leader is. Another part of the article this week that made me realize another important part of being a leader is creating that energizing vision for others to learn from. Lastly, I learned that a leader needs to have a role model that they can turn to and use as a resource to help guide in their growing leadership skills.

week 4

This week in the readings the articles allowed me look through a looking glass at how a leaders values play a big role in how a leader leads. Also a great point that was made about values from the article "Based your leadership values on personal value" is" personal and leadership visions, your values; they should drive your major decisions. "Walk your talk"!!

Week 2

The readings this week gave a new prospective to how a leader is formed. There are many angles one can take when being place in a leader role. However, to be a true leader, a leader must know themselves and know what they believe to be able to lead other in a positive direction.
Lastly, in the article "leadership that gets results" the author outlines the different kinds of a leader a person can choose to be. This allows people to a just to the various forms of leaders and helps grasp a more positive result when leading a group.

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