October 15, 2007

About Truth and Knowledge

Data is not knowledge

Belief is not knowledge

Technology is not knowledge

Theory is not knowledge

Knowledge is not Knowledge.

Knowledge is not Knowing

Faith is not knowledge in that it is merely Passionate Hope that what one believes is knowledge or truth

Knowledge is not truth since what great thinkers and scholars believe is knowledge descredits itself via inevitable contradictory experience and/or biased scientific investigation.

Truth is timeless and absolute, however, truth exists beyond human capability to perceive and understand since it can only be perceived as relative when one excludes the myths of science, religion and philosophy.

Search for meaning is the necessary product of the ignorance that pervades our understanding of existence or the Great Mystery in which we struggle - put simply: Why Do We Struggle in the face
of the futility of ever finding from where we came, where are we going and for what purpose. How can we survive and persist in a sea of Mysteries? Why should we do so in light of the inherent
proprietary futility of such efforts?

To admit one's total ignorance (theories aside, of course) is to admit that not one member of the human race has any real answers to these basic components of the Great Mystery of The Universe and
our own existence within it. What we perceive on a daily basis as knowledge and truth are really fairy tales conjured in the dogma of mathematics, science, philosophy and religion.

We cannot find real truth and knowledge through scientific equations, or prodigious thinkers and/or philosophers and/or theologians.

There is only one absolute truth or knowledge this side of death and that truth is that
the answers, truths, real enlightenments can be experienced and understood only on the other side of death. The inevitable destruction of the human race will not be an accident. Nothing, not even the total destruction of our species, will impede the quest of the spirit to TO REALLY KNOW.