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Blog Search Review

Blog # 1: College News Blog
Website: http://collegenewspaper.blogspot.com/
Link: The Student Newspaper Survival Blog
Review: I thought this blog was particularly compelling based on our class being revolved around journalism and students. It basically provides examples of student newspapers and shows any news associated with them ( maybe an uproar of some sort) as well as an insight on commentary in conjunction with the student newspaper being discussed. I like how there are different categories along the side to jump to. One thing I am not a fan of especially in a web design aspect is the vivid pink color. The fonts and styles involved in the rest of the layout are very eye catching and original, and then you just have this pink. I appreciate the photos of the pages being discussed with each newspaper as well, especially the links to actually go to the site being shown.The writing is written in more of a commentary review style with a slight news element in there I think too. Very should I say..educational.

Blog #2: Military Blogging
(This isn't the general website address, but rather an address to a specific blog within the site)
Link:Blog of a soldier on the frontlines
Review: This took a while to find, but when I did come across it I was quite stunned. I had no idea something of this sort of blog existed. Prior to finding the blog I found numerous newspaper articles discussing the militarys' strong pressure to abolish any type of military blogging. I have to admitt some of the blogs are very emotional and difficult to read. The one I linked this too was one of a soldier who seems to write very frequently and very detailed and in depth. It has a very personal aspect. On a personal level this type of blog was hard for me to force myself to read for certain reasons need not be discussed. One thing I found interesting was the "join the military" link on the top of the blog site. I had to think to myself there, "wow, certainly after reading this I highly doubt any sensible human being is going to click that link after reading of soldiers losing friends and those they loved." The writing is very much a diary type style -very personal and journalistic.