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First Blog Assignment

To start out this first blog, there are about fifty different places i could begin. I never quite understood the whole "blogger" idea. I understand that it is a modern diary or journal, that it could be thought of as therapeutic for the blogger and that it is a way to carve out one's own space in the virtual world, but the idea of strangers reading my thoughts always kind of creeped me out.

Going through the whole process in class of setting up the blog just reconfirmed a few different things for me. First and foremost, I really do and pretty sure always will HATE computers. They frustrate me; constantly display errors of one type or another to me and generally hate me as much as I hate them (this is pure speculation but I'm fairly certain this is an accurate assertion based on all of those stupid errors it keeps spitting at me). Second, the process just reconfirmed my distaste for all that is blogging; however, I do recognize the usefulness of blogging as a feminist media making tool. Blogs are far reaching and can be accessible to a wide range of people (both feminist and not) to disseminate ideas and philosophies. they can cross international boarders and connect feminists that create the blogs to either those that agree with the ideas or to those that are seeking information. Blogs give personal testaments to struggles and triumphs of the modern feminist and give a voice to those not previously heard.
However, as is often seen with this type of media, one almost must specifically go in search of it in order to find it. That is to say, blogs can be "preaching to the choir," addressing women that already all to well understand what it is to be a woman in a male dominated society. Blogs can be useful tools to describe personal experiences, as stated before, but those most keenly interested in those experiences are most likely those that already experience the same things. While the medium has great potential to be a learning tool, those that most need to hear what the blogger has to say is more than likely either not going to go in search of such opinions or not care that such opinions (and places to express those opinions) exist.
I personally still hate them (and computers pretty much in general) but it's worth the attempt to explore and attempt to use the medium.