November 27, 2006

BA1001 - Assignment 4

I've always thought I would go to the University of Minnesota. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist but then I didn't want to move to the coast. I then decided that I wanted to be a Veteranarian and I am currently in the College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences. Right before I started my freshman year, I decided I wanted to go into Dental Hygiene. Now, I am currently planning to apply to the College of Education and Human Development and pursue Elementary Education.
Some of my hobbies include dancing, watching movies, going on vacation, and trying to get through school. I danced at a studio from the age of 2 until my freshman year of high school when my studio closed. I then continued my dancing through high school on my high school Dance team. I was captain and recieved All Conference my junior and senior year and also Academic All Conference my senior year. I no longer dance and I still really miss it. I also enjoy going on vacations. I have been to Daytona Beach, Florida every year since I was 2, my sophomore year I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and every year since then I have gone to Cancun, Mexico. I enjoy relaxing in the sun and ocean.