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February 28, 2008

Architecture school program Shmarchitecture school program

If I were released from the enormous constraints of the 'architecture school' program, you could probably find me collecting Legos. I would, with said Legos, construct a giant bouldering wall - which would, of course, meld my two greatest passions (Legos and rock-climbing) into a nation-sweeping craze that I would and do call Lego-climbing. This beautiful environment would be a colourful utopia swelling with heel hooks and dynos, cracks and crevices, pinches and staticing (can also be spelled staticking or staticcing); not to mention the beautiful stacking(not staticking - mind you) of red 4 by 2's and the rare yellow 8 by 2's (there's more to read beneath these beautiful pics).

legos.jpg plus_sign.jpg rock climbing.jpg equals.gif awesome.JPG

Basically, I would be creating a masterpiece of mythic proportions, like liger mythic. Nirvana. In short, I believe I am going to begin collecting Legos, and as a blogger, this is my opportunity - neigh - my duty to ask everyone who reads this blog to save up their spare Legos and donate them to a local poor freshman (in all probability this addresses only Jeff, the Teacher's Assistant to the morally strong section 3). If you would like to contact me, look up Topher Williamson at U of Minnesota '11 on Facebook, for seriouslies. Together we can start a beautiful revolution. A revolution in Legos and climbing - the best kind of revolution.

February 22, 2008

Think of the Children

Children are our future, and if we're going to want a bright one, we had better brighten the children. But cliches aside, there is a serious problem at stake in the world today: poor child education, or even the lack thereof. According to Unicef, 90 million children worldwide are not attending primary schooling(schooling generally defined to be pre-high school). I'll type that number again: NINETY MILLION. So, as a poor, but fortunate college student, I leave you with a couple of images and words that will hopefully reach your heart and light a fire of compassion and concern for this incomparable worldwide epidemic...and you should probably be playing some Marley music if you want a full effect.


"Coming generations will learn equality from poverty, and love from woes." -Kahlil Gibran


"Generosity is not giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is giving me that which you need more than I do." -Kahlil Gibran


February 11, 2008

Procrastination Innovation

Here at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, I have personally noticed a tremendous problem thriving within the student body: Procrastination. Of course, this problem has no easy solution. I, myself, have struggled with it for a lifetime. My personal solution is a simple to-do list.

to do list_1.jpg

This arbitrary item, although small and innocent, can have huge benefits. First and foremost, it is inspirational. I always find it easier to accomplish the tasks at hand if I know I have already dedicated and committed myself in writing.


Furthermore, I feel less guilty. I know that I am trying to improve my future, and doing so physically. And finally, the best benefit, is the lack of stress.


I can assure you it is very stressful to have all of those needs whirling around in your head, so write'em down and take a deep breath....Ahhhh progress.

February 4, 2008

Fluid Energy

The 20th century rang in eras of peace, war, depression, and the birth, and untimely death of the beautiful pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli: Molto buona! But aside from Michelangeli’s finger-tangling riffs, the 1900’s marked an era of new energy. Caffeine had just entered the market: thatsright – Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These delicious soda drinks may have stormed the homes of millions of Americans, but that was just the beginning.

Starbucks, which began in 1971, devoured an energy stricken nation. With it’s beginnings in an obviously somber Seattle, Starbucks was off to a riproarin’ start. It offered peppy coffee drinks, catalyzing caffeine and cocoa. And soon, America - neigh the world, became hooked. Like wildfire, more than 15,000 locations popped up worldwide. Even in my small hometown of Loveland, Colorado boasts six locations. Starbucks introduced espresso shots and caffeine to tired citizens everywhere. These sugary concoctions had transformed energy consumption, and the unstoppable energy drink era had clearly swept the nation.

Recently, the latest revelation in energy consumerism has taken root in popular culture. Red Bull marks this milestone with its introduction in 1997. The energy drink phenomenon stormed the new millennium while infiltrating offices and even schools. Yes, even the children experienced this addictive phenomenon. The energy drink campaign has even permeated the 2008 Superbowl through advertisement. An expensive thirty-second commercial promoted Amp the Energy Drink during the middle of one of the most popular television broadcasts. Energy as we know it is still currently changing. Guarana – containing ginormous amounts of addictive caffeine is the latest craze.
Red_Gaur(Bull)_can_front.jpg Energy_drinks.jpg

But what is the outcome? In effect, the fluid energy trend has transformed the lives of millions of consumers. Not only has it transformed the way they feel and how they act, but on a larger level, physical renovations have been made. Supermarkets are flooded with energy encasings, billboards are filled with power portraits and addictive advertisements, and city block corners are dominated by caffeine ores. The 21st century will consequently and unavoidably be a supercharged dedication to energy renovation and consumption.

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