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Architecture school program Shmarchitecture school program

If I were released from the enormous constraints of the 'architecture school' program, you could probably find me collecting Legos. I would, with said Legos, construct a giant bouldering wall - which would, of course, meld my two greatest passions (Legos and rock-climbing) into a nation-sweeping craze that I would and do call Lego-climbing. This beautiful environment would be a colourful utopia swelling with heel hooks and dynos, cracks and crevices, pinches and staticing (can also be spelled staticking or staticcing); not to mention the beautiful stacking(not staticking - mind you) of red 4 by 2's and the rare yellow 8 by 2's (there's more to read beneath these beautiful pics).

legos.jpg plus_sign.jpg rock climbing.jpg equals.gif awesome.JPG

Basically, I would be creating a masterpiece of mythic proportions, like liger mythic. Nirvana. In short, I believe I am going to begin collecting Legos, and as a blogger, this is my opportunity - neigh - my duty to ask everyone who reads this blog to save up their spare Legos and donate them to a local poor freshman (in all probability this addresses only Jeff, the Teacher's Assistant to the morally strong section 3). If you would like to contact me, look up Topher Williamson at U of Minnesota '11 on Facebook, for seriouslies. Together we can start a beautiful revolution. A revolution in Legos and climbing - the best kind of revolution.