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I-35W Bridge Easy To Keep Tabs On

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will be keeping a close eye on the new I-35W bridge after the collapse of the old one, a disaster that struck due to year of negligence in terms of repairs and structural inspection.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports that the new bridge, scheduled to be finished months in advance of its December deadline, will not only be incredibly structurally sound, but also contain hundreds of sensors to allow inspectors a glance at how the bridge is holding up on a moment-by-moment basis.

Engineers will no longer have to rely on information taken from yearly inspections, but can instead check how the bridge is holding up under stress from traffic, weather elements, and the various chemicals that come into contact with the bridge in regard to anti-icing agents and beyond.

The $235 million bridge will be one of the most complex bridges in the country because of these sensors and, with the ability to keep a constant eye on it, certainly one of the safest.