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Leads Analysis

The following is a lead taken from a story posted by the BBC:

"A ferry has sunk near the north-western Turkish port of Bandirma, leaving at least one person dead, officials say."

The lead features several key components that should be incorporated in a lead. To start, it includes the who (a ferry), the what (it sunk), and the where (near the Turkish port of Bandirma). The story waits several paragraphs to explain the how and why, and leaves them out of the lead. All the key 'W''s answered in the lead are general, giving readers a quick read into what exactly happened. This is a somewhat good strategy, as readers are able to gather something serious happened, but will, in a way, be forced into continuing to read the writer's article to gain the rest of the facts. This ensures that articles are being read, and that readers are being informed.