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Politics and Life Clash Again

Conflict sprung up recently in Bolivia between its government and its people. The fighting stems as the result of conflicting interests between President Evo Morales' plans for his country and those of several of Bolivia's regional governors.

Beyond just giving a voice to the large number of indigenous peoples throughout the country, Morales plans include a re-distribution of wealth the BBC reports.

Several violent clashes have left 28 people dead and prompted Morales to declare martial law in the Pando province where 10 of his supporters were found "massacred". The New York Times reported that part of the problem between Morales and his governors is a demand by the regional authorities for greater autonomy in their provinces, a demand that Morales has been hesitant to meet.

Though talks were held on Saturday between Morales and Gov. Mario Cossio of the Tarija province, no major decisions were reached and no key issues were solved.