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Somali Pirates Near Judgement

A group of Somalian pirates seized a Ukrainian ship off the coast of Somalia this weekend, the BBC reports. The vessel, the MV Faina, was carrying 33 tanks and numerous amounts of ammunition to Kenya.

The terrorists have reportedly asked for $20 million in ransom money in order for the world to see the release of the crew members and the return of the ship's cargo.

The New York Times reports that the terrorists have vowed to fight to the death if need be, leading tensions to rise as the Somali officials seek to resolve the situation. They have even asked the Navy to send in commandos.

Talks between Somali and American and European forces have resulted in several strategies, though the Somali government thinks that after all the media attention this situation has received, it is doubtful the ransom will be paid. Instead, it is likely the terrorists will be met with guns and fire.

The ship is currently docked off the Somali coast between Xarardheere and Hobyo, an area known as a pirate den by locals. The situation remains unsolved.