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Yemen Regains Place On Terrorism Map

Yemeni terrorists attacked the U.S. Embassy of Yemen Wednesday morning, leaving 16 dead.

Among the dead were six Yemeni guards, four tourists waiting to be let into the embassy, and six of the attackers. No U.S. officials or embassy employees were hurt in the attack.

The New York Times reported that the attackers drove through the embassy's checkpoint and up to the front gates before detonating two car bombs and taking their own lives.

This assault on U.S.-owned property is the deadliest act of terrorism in years in Yemen. It came as a shock to natives as well as foreigners as it took place during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month in which Muslims are supposed to abstain from all sin.

Yemeni authorities have rounded up 25 suspects adds the BBC, and most of those arrested include militants and suspected Al-Qaeda members. They will now be subject to questioning by Yemeni interrogators.

Yemen, a U.S. ally in the war on terror, has historically been a hideout for Al-Qaeda members.