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Taliban Strikes Again Leaving Over Two Dozen Dead

The Taliban struck again in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar on Thursday in an attack that left at least 27 people dead, including one child.

The BBC reports that the increasingly violent Taliban ambushed three buses on Thursday with an intent to kill any government soldiers. One of the three buses did not stop, however, prompting the militants to fire upon it. The gunfire resulted in the death of a child on the bus, though the bus was able to flee.

Two of the buses were stopped and boarded by the Taliban, with at least 50 people being questioned. Out of the 50, 27 were found to be Afghan soldiers and were either shot or beheaded by the Taliban terrorists. The remaining 23 passengers were freed.

The New York Times reported that the entire event remains unclear due to conflicting reports from numerous sources. A spokesman for the Taliban assured a world audience that those executed held government papers, were soldiers, and were executed for that reason. Afghan officials, however, maintain that all those aboard the buses were civilians (mostly women and children), and that they could not have been soldiers because Afghanistan's soldiers only travel by plane or in a convey.

The matter is still under investigation, and comes after a long year of violence in the country. It's estimated that 4,000 people have died this year due to violence, a third of them civilians.