November 23, 2008

Man Shot at Scientology Facility

A sword-wielding man was shot by security officers at a Scientology complex in Los Angeles Sunday.

Police are now investigating the shooting to discern whether or not the shooting was justified.

According to a report by Fox News, witnesses and surveillance camera coverage both make it clear that the man approached the downtown L.A. Scientology building with samurai swords in both hands. When the man got within range of striking the security guards, one of them opened fire on him, killing him.

The investigation is ongoing.

November 16, 2008

Omaha Man Breaks World Record For Tallest Hair

Eric Hahn has a lot of hair.

The Omaha man recently had his hair cut and styled into a 27-inch mohawk, donating the remnants of his hair to raise money for the cancer charity organization Locks of Love.

The musician told his local news station that he thought he'd take advantage of all the time he'd invested in growing his hair and now use it to raise awareness for a cause as important as cancer.

He also claimed title to world's tallest hair in the Guinness Book of World Records with his new hairstyle.

October 26, 2008

Free Dr. Pepper for Everyone!

Soda producer Dr. Pepper will follow through with its promise to give everyone in America a free 20 oz. Dr. Pepper on Nov. 23, the reported release date for Guns'N'Roses long awaited album, "Chinese Democracy."

The company had promised earlier this year that they would give everyone in the country one free drink if Axl Rose, the singer for the famed rock band Guns'N'Roses, would finally release his album. The wager came after years of controversy surrounding the album in which is has been promised to be released multiple times and then never appeared.

A spokesman for Dr. Pepper released a statement with directions for Dr. Pepper drinkers to claim the free drink on the date of album's release, pending it actually is released.

The production of "Chinese Democracy" has been over a decade in the making and seen the come and go of numerous studio and live musicians in the ever fickle Rose's quest to produce the ultimate rock album. Whether or not it lives up to the reported $13 million invested into it remains to be seen.

October 19, 2008

U of M Enforces Absent Policy

Students at the University of Minnesota who were hoping to get away from class to place a vote for their candidates of choice on Nov. 6 will have to plan ahead, the Associated Press reports.

According to the U's policy, missing a class to go and vote does not classify as a circumstance warranting an excusable absence. Instead, students who skip class will receive an inexcused absence and forfeit the right to make up the things they missed due on that day.

The U encourages students to vote, however, and has reassured students that polls will be open for 13 hours on election day, giving students plenty of time to make their way to vote without missing class.

October 12, 2008

Mailman Bitten By Snake

Despite the classical stereotype of rowdy dogs chasing down hapless mailmen, Tampa, Fl., mailman Efraim Arango found himself victim to not a dog, but a snake on Friday.

Arango was reaching into a mailbox to deliver mail when the snake, presumably an eastern diamonback rattlesnake, latched onto his arm, Fox News and the Associated Press report.

He continued to deliver mail for 30 more minutes before seeking help at a local hospital.

September 29, 2008

Metallica's Album Under Criticism

Heavy metal legends Metallica are under criticism for the second album in a row after a recent string of attacks on the sound quality of the band's latest release, Death Magnetic.

Much like their previous album St. Anger, Metallica is being critiqued for low quality sound and not producing material up to the standard their status demands, reports.

Though the album has sold over 2 million copies in its first week of availability, Ted Jensen, who mastered the album, has publicly stated his lack of pride in his involvement with the project.

September 22, 2008

Flat-Earth Society Lives On

Centuries after the debate over whether or not the world was flat or round was settled between the modern world explorers, there still exists a society of those who disagree.

They are called flat-earthers, some of which belong to the Flat Earth Society, the BBC reports.

Some of its theorists have different takes on their beliefs, much like any organization, and their beliefs vary from thinking that the earth is horizontally infinite to being roughly 25,000 miles in diameter. Much like the moon landing hoax conspiracy theorists, these flat-earthers believe that the photos of Earth from space are fakes.

While belief in a flat earth is nothing new and skepticism towards authority is not inherently bad, experts on the subject have said that it's about time the flat-earthers considered the overwhelming evidence that Earth is, in fact, a globe.