May 5, 2008

Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger....

Yes I am going to use ours to write a blog about...Eradicating extreme poverty & hunger is a huge problem in the third world countries, as it is in other places as well, just not to the extent of the region we have chosen. Ethiopia is indeed one of the most focused on countries in the world, know for the poverty and starvation rates increasing. Although we are really trying to diminish the extensive nature of this problem, it just seems to keep growing. Many things are being done to help prevent or help reduce the amount of unfortunate issue occurring over there, but again, things as large as this take time and preparation.

Our presentation was set up well, well thought out, and presented with limited time. The process it took to make such a power point was time consuming and tedious. After all, I have never done a power point before this project and I thought it was good considering the format of the program was different and messed it up when put on an older version. I will admit, the amount of animation could have been a bit to much, but for some of the information given, it was relevant. This was a cool project. Teammates were great.

Reduce Child Mortality...

This presentation was good. They provided a lot of good information pertaining to their topic. The research seemed to be well orchestrated, and thought out. Provided was a great number of points that lead to their conclusion. The slide show was good as well, and had some animations on it that helped in their goal to ad life to the presentation. I think that the students were well prepared for the presentation.

Its nice to see that the mortality rate of children is going down, however, I feel that the work that could be done to prevent this tragedy could be a little more extensive. Maybe I'm thinking too much about this but, it could all just take some time and perhaps thats whats going on with the slow but sure decline in child mortality.

April 1, 2008

Possibilities for Title Page...

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March 11, 2008

Ethiopian Poverty...

In one of the world’s poorest countries, where half of the population lives under the poverty line, agriculture is the main source of livelihood for more than eight out of ten Ethiopians. Yet agricultural production is extremely vulnerable both to climatic conditions and to the disruptive impact of war and civil conflict. Recurring droughts leave poor farming families without food crops, causing periodic famines. The persistent lack of rainfall is a major factor in Ethiopian poverty. Food aid is crucial in saving the lives of millions of people who are chronically food-insecure or affected by drought, including more than 130,000 internally displaced people from conflict-torn areas.

Major historical shifts in the political climate, as well as upheavals and migrations caused by civil conflict, have had a strong impact on Ethiopia ’s poor people. The onset of drought in 2001 dramatically narrowed the horizons of the country’s households, and continues to do so.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic plunges poor people even deeper into poverty, depriving families of the young adults who are their most productive members. In 2003 an estimated 4.4 per cent of Ethiopia ’s adult population was HIV-positive. The pandemic is driving life expectancy even lower than the 2003 average of 42 years.

Among the causes of poverty in Ethiopia are:

* wide fluctuations in agricultural production as a result of drought
* an ineffective and inefficient agricultural marketing system
* underdeveloped transport and communication networks
* underdeveloped production technologies
* limited access of households to support services
* environmental degradation
* lack of participation by poor people in decisions that affect their livelihoods

March 5, 2008


Throughout my life I have had a growing interest for the architectural uprise. I have always had a keen eye for it, i mean, not architecture alone, but many other forms of art as well. Myself, being one whom enjoys the arts...Not to the extreme as others, such as those in drama class, but one that can take great appreciation for someone else's phenomenal works. The art I am mostly curiously intrigued by consists of drawings, paintings, abstracts, modeling (Buildings and such...Get your head out of the gutter!), and things of that nature. I enjoy watching people minds speak out to me through their art, its quite amazing actually. Back on track now...I am a bit of a modernist, my eyes have a very strict tendency to journey toward the contemporary stuff. I thoroughly believe that the new age is among us, and everything from here on out is going to get more and more modern. Not only for the style of things, but because the built environment calls for it, so to speak. It makes me think of better ways to design something, to better suit someones or somethings needs so that we are able to conserve things that we are lacking. Mostly, natural resources, energy from them, and all other forms of resources that we over use...Everyday! Anyhow, I think that the world is continually getting more advanced technically, and also in the way we look back to the way things were generations ago. Homes are getting smarter, technology is getting smarter, which in turn is allowing us to become smarter, so forth and so on. On behalf of the prompt, I would like to say that, it affects who I am because it gives me more to think about, and more to look forward to, and even more to improve on. The built environment shapes the lifestyles each and every one of us leads, it provides alternatives for the dying breed of the non-technical, non-environmental, and furthermore the not-so-cool history of things in general. My future looks brighter and brighter every day, and not just because of the technological advances in the modern light-bulb either!
museum_contemporary_art_rio_de_janeiro_brazil_photo_gov_tourist_ministry.jpgNiemeyer Museum of Contemporary Arts, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
1129929447_f1a4a987d6.jpgMuseum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois

February 25, 2008

Beyond the Architectual Experience...

I mean, to think of my life architecture program-less would be different. For the past 8 years its been all I think of; analyzing, designing, hypothetical thinking, and realistic thinking, would be lessened quite dramatically. Although I would probably be using the same logic throughout my life, I think the artistic, bodily, and architectural factors would still be a huge contribution to what I do now regardless if I was partaking in the program or not. For the past 6 years I have owned and operated my drywall company, with six employee's, and all the equipment you could imagine. This outfit has been very good to me for the years that i have been doing it, and chances are, if i was to be denied my architecture program, I would continue on with the profession I have created and succeeded. As you know drywall is a very important part to compliment architecture, internally that is. I would continue to take pride in my work and the work of my crew to produce some pretty outstanding interior design finishing touches. This particular field of work is for an artist, it takes precision, patience, focus, and a keen eye. This job focuses on the majority of things stated in the prompt. In fact, the most difficult part pertaining to this would be the lifting, monotony, and SANDING. Oh how I HATE sanding. It is part of the job however, and I must do it for it to turn out phenomenally well. Like I said, I take pride in my work and I'm not done until the customer is 100% satisfied. Nice sales pitch aye!? So this whole drywall thing would be how I would contribute my services, and abilities to help people in need that either hate drywall, or don't know what they are doing. I have, however, given up a lot of jobs to go back to school, as I don't have the time to go out bidding on homes while I'm studying to better my life. This has hurt both my employee's and I, I am grateful that they understand, and I continue to keep them working while I am away. Although it is hard, I line up jobs to keep them busy until I can get back up north to find more, but usually contractors call me, and I just set it up through them, being, I have worked with them for six years, and there is trust and loyalty amongst our companies. Back on the subject,...I would continue with this profession if I hadn't the choice.

Here is a few pictures of a job I've done...This is how I would continue to impact my environment.
So, that being said, if any of you need me to impact your environment, give me a call!!

February 18, 2008

Poverty & Hardship...

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Throughout my life I have noticed many individuals suffering, and struggling to make a good life for themselves. It is a disturbing sight to see, and there is far to many people/families encountering this tragic form of deprivation. There are many charities and fund raisers to help prevent prolonging this social issue. I feel, though, that throughout the world, even Minneapolis, you drive around and see homeless people basically begging for change, food, shelter. I feel a bit angered when I see them, however, at the same time I feel a bit of remorse. I am one to pull over and give them something to get them by for the time being, although it does frustrate me to an extent. Reason being, all this is preventable. The reason they are in this position, in my opinion, is because they choose it to be that way. The U.S. has people like this everywhere, and I feel that the governments outlook on this situation is wrong, seeing that it is preventative. I mean, In a way it kind of sounds like a contradiction on my part, but STOP giving the homeless money. Rather, give them an opportunity to work for it, earn what they need. That way the drug use, and alcohol abuse is based on what they earn. If they work hard to earn money, and they choose to spend it on drugs vs food and shelter, then thats their prerogative, but it may make them think of necessity instead of luxury or addictions.
As for the poor third world, or families due to unfortunate situations; keeping them healthy and fed, is a good thing. All over the world there are people and families that are experiencing poverty at no fault of their own, which in turn, are people that win my heart. I am all about helping people that are less fortunate than me due to lack of technology, food, supplies, and so on. These types deserve a second chance, helping them would and is a great deed one could sacrifice a little for. Instead of just giving the government cheese to the homeless druggies/alcoholics, put it to good use help the needy not the addicts. There are people whom need it, so to speak, but the only ones that should receive it are the people whom deserve it. (My opinion)

February 11, 2008


Well let me first state that my social design issue is going to pertain to the construction and design of the 35W bridge. Whether or not one would admit to the faults of engineering, design, construction, or even conformity of the bridge is a social issue. There are so many things that could have went wrong in a result of the collapse, but I don't think it was something as small as the weld plate they referred to in the news. They talked about a plate that supported the cross-members of the bridge to create stability and strength, but I highly doubt that was all that caused this unfortunate tragedy. I feel as if there is more to the story that perhaps MNDOT may be withholding. Just MY opinion though.
This project that they are working on now, the new 35W bridge, is going to be a wonderful thing. Its going to be more structurally sound, more pleasant to the eye, more in tune with the surroundings and ever changing modernity of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its going to be wider, for more traffic to pass, which in turn might not be a wonderful thing due to congested highways already; but I will help with it. It will be new, and that will add another landmark to view when visitors come into town, an attraction even...The splendid look of the bridge will dress up this area of the twin cities, because lets face it, as much as the old bridge brought pain and sorrow to alot of people, it was probably a good thing that it happened when it did, and not during rush hour. This bridge is going to be a huge success, in my opinion.

February 2, 2008

Energy, Flow, &Transformation

When I think of a certain energy that a building, city, landscape, or anything pertaining to architecture might contain, or not even architecture for that matter; I think of the amount of thought was put into what ever it may be. Energy is described as how one would feel observing that certain structure, piece of art, or garden even. I know when I am to observe something for long enough, something that I find intriguing, there is an energy that sort of flows through me; puts me in this mental state of wonder, and excitement, so to speak. When something has an energy like this it speaks to you in a way that something of lesser interest wouldn't perhaps, leading you to inquire more, look farther into, search deeper. You know what I mean? Its almost indescribable to me. Its just a feeling that you get, whether it be feelings of joy, sorrow, disgust, pleasure, or confusion.
Flow, to me, is the way something comes together; the way everything is supposed to be. Although, in reality, nothing seems to flow per se, it just doesn't go together like its supposed to. When you look at something and your eyes can journey from one attribute to the next, that particular piece has that fluidity, that flow. Now when I say that, I guess I am referring to a painting. Not necessarily what I'm limiting my writing to, but thats the first thing that comes to mind. Take Picasso for instance, his abstract does not flow. Your eyes still have the tendency to journey throughout the whole painting, but they bounce around vs. following the curvature of the lines in a painting by Georgia O'Keeffe for instance. So when speaking in terms of architecture, modernity has taken a step back from expressing flow(in my opinion), and journeyed more toward the means of a new age. A new style, but yet never ceases to amaze me.
This world, due to the high demand of efficiency, prosperity, and need, is most definitely going through huge amounts of transformation. The fact that this world has encountered many upon many more technological advancements, scientific phenomenons, and of course healthy alternatives for virtually everything known to man, has indeed caused the transformation we have befriended today and tomorrow. Transformation is a well known vitality that pushes us farther and farther into the future. Although, the structures and even ruins that remain on site in different parts of the world are strong and still standing, for the most part; have lead us to bigger and better structure, ways of living, and of course energy and flow. Which in turn, are the stepping stones to a better outlook, much like the transformations we have learned from, as will the generations to come. Greater and greater minds will be constructed throughout this life, and soon will be the perfect life, well....once I go through MY transformation.