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Beyond the Architectual Experience...

I mean, to think of my life architecture program-less would be different. For the past 8 years its been all I think of; analyzing, designing, hypothetical thinking, and realistic thinking, would be lessened quite dramatically. Although I would probably be using the same logic throughout my life, I think the artistic, bodily, and architectural factors would still be a huge contribution to what I do now regardless if I was partaking in the program or not. For the past 6 years I have owned and operated my drywall company, with six employee's, and all the equipment you could imagine. This outfit has been very good to me for the years that i have been doing it, and chances are, if i was to be denied my architecture program, I would continue on with the profession I have created and succeeded. As you know drywall is a very important part to compliment architecture, internally that is. I would continue to take pride in my work and the work of my crew to produce some pretty outstanding interior design finishing touches. This particular field of work is for an artist, it takes precision, patience, focus, and a keen eye. This job focuses on the majority of things stated in the prompt. In fact, the most difficult part pertaining to this would be the lifting, monotony, and SANDING. Oh how I HATE sanding. It is part of the job however, and I must do it for it to turn out phenomenally well. Like I said, I take pride in my work and I'm not done until the customer is 100% satisfied. Nice sales pitch aye!? So this whole drywall thing would be how I would contribute my services, and abilities to help people in need that either hate drywall, or don't know what they are doing. I have, however, given up a lot of jobs to go back to school, as I don't have the time to go out bidding on homes while I'm studying to better my life. This has hurt both my employee's and I, I am grateful that they understand, and I continue to keep them working while I am away. Although it is hard, I line up jobs to keep them busy until I can get back up north to find more, but usually contractors call me, and I just set it up through them, being, I have worked with them for six years, and there is trust and loyalty amongst our companies. Back on the subject,...I would continue with this profession if I hadn't the choice.

Here is a few pictures of a job I've done...This is how I would continue to impact my environment.
So, that being said, if any of you need me to impact your environment, give me a call!!