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Throughout my life I have had a growing interest for the architectural uprise. I have always had a keen eye for it, i mean, not architecture alone, but many other forms of art as well. Myself, being one whom enjoys the arts...Not to the extreme as others, such as those in drama class, but one that can take great appreciation for someone else's phenomenal works. The art I am mostly curiously intrigued by consists of drawings, paintings, abstracts, modeling (Buildings and such...Get your head out of the gutter!), and things of that nature. I enjoy watching people minds speak out to me through their art, its quite amazing actually. Back on track now...I am a bit of a modernist, my eyes have a very strict tendency to journey toward the contemporary stuff. I thoroughly believe that the new age is among us, and everything from here on out is going to get more and more modern. Not only for the style of things, but because the built environment calls for it, so to speak. It makes me think of better ways to design something, to better suit someones or somethings needs so that we are able to conserve things that we are lacking. Mostly, natural resources, energy from them, and all other forms of resources that we over use...Everyday! Anyhow, I think that the world is continually getting more advanced technically, and also in the way we look back to the way things were generations ago. Homes are getting smarter, technology is getting smarter, which in turn is allowing us to become smarter, so forth and so on. On behalf of the prompt, I would like to say that, it affects who I am because it gives me more to think about, and more to look forward to, and even more to improve on. The built environment shapes the lifestyles each and every one of us leads, it provides alternatives for the dying breed of the non-technical, non-environmental, and furthermore the not-so-cool history of things in general. My future looks brighter and brighter every day, and not just because of the technological advances in the modern light-bulb either!
museum_contemporary_art_rio_de_janeiro_brazil_photo_gov_tourist_ministry.jpgNiemeyer Museum of Contemporary Arts, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
1129929447_f1a4a987d6.jpgMuseum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois