US Exeptionalism

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The video that we watched and discussed on Tuesday really had me thinking hard about the topic and how it relates to someone like me. In reality I may never have to encounter anything like what was found to have been happening in Iraq. The first thing that came to my mind is that it isn't fair. That we as America have decided to make it our duty to help everyone else out. We have gone to extreme lengths to stop violence and terror around the world, and it turns out that we haven't looked closely enough at ourselves. Its scary to see proof of our soldiers torturing the people inside the prison. The second thing that I started to think about was how war has effected the soldiers. They more than likely didn't go into war with such horrible thoughts and with the ability to torture someone to such an extent. It makes me very much believe that the war setting is what created such hatred in these men. The power of power itself is the key here. The more power the soldiers had to do what they pleased with the men, the more horrible the torturing got. The man being interviewed admitted that there was a certain power driving his hate towards the men. That he got overly frustrated when he did not receive the answers that he wanted. I think that no matter what end your on, torturing or being tortured, that experience does something to you. I hate to even watch things like this on a screen, i cannot imagine how it would have felt to be there directly. It is sad that these things are happening so recently. And it enrages me to think that it is being allowed and overlooked by so many people in power. It truly makes me wonder what we will look back and realize about 2011.

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