Tentative Topic for Project

The topic I have decided on will be regarding campus crime.

"The Awakening Internet" / "Chapter 1"- Cyberliteracy

As far as the moodle article called "The Awakening Internet" went, I found it to be extremely boring and overwhelmingly slow. If you are really interested in how technology came to be and the impact it has made, then I would highly recommend the article. Otherwise, I feel that it is an immensly in-depth article, explaining detail-by-detail how it had the opportunity for advancement and how people took full advantage of what came next. I felt that the Cyberliteracy reading on chapter number one called "Toward A New Internet Consciousness" was significantly more interesting and less in-depth creating a more broad perspective. What I found interesting in the cyberliteracy chapter had been the discrepencies from the older generation compared to the younger generation. Both generations have a very distrinct belief/idea about the internet and technology, and how beneficial it is to each generation. That had been one of the very few things I found interesting in this weeks assigned reasdings.

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