Seems like Two Different Trips to Disney Land

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I am very interested in the differences between actual events and memories concerning trips to Disney World. I thought it would be cool to relate my experience at Disney Land and my moms experience at Disney Land. While thinking back on my experience, I was concerned with rides and meeting Disney characters, and my mom was concerned with how my grandpa scrapped his arm on one of the rides. He was on blood thinner, so when he scrapped his arm, it bled a lot. I don't remember my grandpa getting hurt and I think this lack of detail in my memory is very fascinating because I would think that at my age I would have remembered something that traumatic. What do you guys think? I thought it was interesting how I remembered the day as sunny, and my mom remembered the day rainy. As I recalled the trip to Disney Land I only remembered going to Disney Land with my mom, dad, and brother, but we had actually gone with my mom, dad, aunt, grandpa, and brother. Kids often go to Disney Land to meet all the Disney characters and to ride rides, and that is why I think my memories are focused on meeting the Disney characters and riding the rides. I think my mom's memory of Disney Land brings back my grandpas accident of scrapping his arm, because she is a mother and worries about the safety of other. My mother's memory also focused on the overall time we spent as a family, and I think she remembered that because she realizes how precious those memories truly are. Disneyland_Park_Paris.jpg

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