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Web Coferencing the Way to Go!

I've been able to be on several web conferences, primarily for staff development, but also for some work groups. Just last week I was able to get a research update that was broadcast from Minneapolis. In the past, I wouldn't have taken time/resources to drive 9 hours for a 2-3 hour event. This way I was able to hear the presentation plus send questions down via chat for the panel discussion.

When I set up my test conference I really liked being able to change the boxes around. I'm hosting a site for a research update at the end of the month and this information will be very useful!


Great that you already have uses for UMConnect! And holy crap--9 HOURS?! Where do you live, Alaska????? ;)

Not Alaska, but I do live in North Dakota. 4.5 hours one way. (I tend to drive the speed limit, so others may do it faster!)